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Ongoing Delivery Boom: Curse or Blessing for the Hospitality Industry?

While delivery services and takeaways were initially only a small glimmer of hope for many restaurateurs during the lockdown in order to maintain operations, the out-of-home business has increasingly established itself as a second mainstay.

Pandemics and temporary lockdowns are considered to be a catalyst for the takeaway business. What started as a temporary solution for many restaurateurs is now often a permanent component of the business model and has meanwhile brought the industry leader Lieferando, in particular, considerable boosts in profits.

Despite the reopening of restaurants in early summer, there is no anticipated end to the ordering boom: according to Lieferando, out-of-home consumption in Germany grew by 35 percent between July and September 2021 compared to the Corona summer of 2020. This is also attracting competitors who are also on an expansion course and striving to conquer the German market.

But despite the excitement - many challenges remain, both for suppliers and for the catering industry. From logistical barriers via commissions to the issue of sustainability: the topic of packaging, for example, is more relevant than ever and requires a spirit of innovation and sustainable ideas.

From March 18 to 22, 2022, INTERNORGA will showcase a new exhibition area around the topics of packaging and delivery as a premiere. High-potential start-ups as well as renowned players will exhibit solutions and concepts around packaging and delivery. The exhibitors will be located in Hall B1 upper floor and thus in the close neighborhood of the area ‘Food and Beverages’.