Meeting place for professionals

More than 2,000 attendees and many well-known speakers are expected at the foodservice Forum, Europe’s biggest congress for food service professionals. Sector expert Gretel Weiß tells us what visitors can expect to encounter there in 2020.

The foodservice Forum, on the eve of INTERNORGA, is Europe’s biggest congress for food service professionals. Gretel Weiß, publisher of trade journal foodservice, sector expert, organiser and founder of the foodservice Forum, on the forum’s development:

Gretel, why is the foodservice Forum a must-attend event for everyone?

The International foodservice Forum is the annual power day for food service professionals and a meeting point for everyone in the sector. Scheduled on the eve of INTERNORGA, it is the place where representatives of the biggest players in the restaurant market take to the stage. The 39th International foodservice Forum in 2020 will be a magnet for leaders and decision-makers in the out-of-home market, and some 2,000 people are expected to travel to Hamburg to attend on 12 March. That makes us very proud.

Which of the speakers is likely to be the biggest highlight? And why?

We will have two internationally reputed speakers with us in Hamburg:

  • Ibrahim Evsan from Munich, who will be talking on the subject of ‘Inspiring Digital Leadership – a Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of Enterprises and
  • Professor Christopher C. Muller, Boston: 2025 – The Roadmap for Staying Successful!

Ibrahim Evsan will be addressing one of the hottest interdisciplinary topics at the event, and Professor Christopher C. Muller’s topic is a vision for the global industry. Both speakers are big names and I am delighted they will be on stage at the International foodservice Forum.

How has the International foodservice Forum evolved over the past 3-4 years?

The International foodservice Forum is appealing to an increasingly wide target audience. We are seeing a greater proportion of catering chain operators, people in the property and financial sectors, trainers and personal development service providers attending. We have to cover all aspects of food service, from farming to leisure concepts, to meet the requirements of today’s public and we've managed to do that very well.

What kind of feedback are you getting from foodservice Forum visitors?

That’s easy! Content & community both make investing in a ticket worthwhile. The event aims to be a source of oxygen for the future of food service professionals.

Gretel Weiß (© Thomas Fedra)