Social Media Marketing and Community Management

Regular postings, live streams and content ads - the advantages of social media are obvious. Greater awareness, new potential guests and uncomplicated communication channels make the use of social media platforms mandatory for successful restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Digitalization has long since arrived in the world of communication, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are almost indispensable. Also for restaurateurs and hoteliers, the advantages of using social media outweigh the disadvantages. The success of a business can be accelerated with the help of online communication. "The eye is eating" - a saying that motivates through cleverly photographed delicious food and increases awareness for the catering business. In addition, the contact with the guests is maintained, intensified and the own community is built.

What else the colorful world of social media has to offer will be discussed next year at INTERNORGA. In 2022, experts from the digital world will come together in one central location to talk about the benefits of social media platforms, among other things, and to soak up opportunities for the entire out-of-home market.

Be surprised and look forward to exciting and inspiring dialogs and visions.

© Unspash / Nathan Dumlao