Sweet trends - creativity meets cakes and pastries

Creativity is part of the confectionery trade. It also requires excellent ingredients, craftsmanship and special recipes. Then the most delicious cakes, cookies and creamy tarts are created. Here you can find confectionery trends that are popular now.

Delicacies and sweet pastries gained a lot of popularity during the Corona pandemic. Besides all the gloom, many wanted to reward themselves and cheered up with cakes, cookies, and creamy tarts. Creativity and the range of delicatessen and confectionery products increased. New treats and taste sensations were created for customers. For example, vegetables, herbs, and spices have enhanced cakes, chocolates and pralines. The well-known food pairing has now also been used in confectionery. The best-known combinations are chocolate and chili or caramel and salt.

Less is more - this is definitely true when it comes to sweetness. Trend is to use less sugar or alternative sweeteners to leave more room for the flavor of the other ingredients.

Small portions and more variety are desired. Sweet pastries are often enjoyed in community. Everyone then wants to try everything. This is easier with smaller or pre-portioned pieces that are intended for sharing.

The origin of ingredients is also an issue in the pastry shop. Regionality is desired. Where do flour and the apples on the apple pie come from? Details about suppliers and region ensure authenticity.

Variety and diversity are in demand, as are alternatives for people who want or need to follow a gluten-free or vegan diet. Here, the range is steadily increasing - not least due to the great creativity of the confectioners.

Image above: © Hamburg Messe und Congress - Katrin Neuhauser