The company catering of the future

Canteen was yesterday - company catering is by now a restaurant within the company. Just as delicious and diverse. This article outlines the direction in which company catering is progressing.

Short-time work, home office, flexible working time models and a variety of To-Go-Services have significantly changed company catering. Although the importance of company catering has increased, there will be no more "business as usual". Evident change trends were already emerging over the past five years, and the Corona pandemic has accelerated them like a catalyst. High-quality, healthier vegetarian or vegan alternatives are desired alongside the standard Schnitzel and Currywurst offerings. Modular and flexible solutions as well as different zones also provide more variety and restaurant character with regard to space than the old familiar large communal tables, which no longer seem state-of-the-art. Flexible working hours and shifts are blurring the classic separation of lunch and snacks. Opening hours are also undergoing increasing reconsideration: Early and late opening hours are becoming more common. And the to-go offerings and delivery services of company restaurants established in many places during the lockdown will persist. Dinner from the company restaurant for home is just as much a future- and service-oriented solution for company catering to revive business as it is to invite external guests to dine with them.

The core business of company catering - the food - has long since moved away from the monotonous canteen image. The modern company restaurant can stand comparison with a traditional restaurant. This applies to the quality of the food, but also to the offer and variety. The spectrum of choices for vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers has increased. Company caterers increasingly want to offer a range of meals that is healthy for people and the climate, of a high culinary standard and also varied. The fact that vegetarian courts are accepted very well by the guests proves the fashion label Esprit from Ratingen, Germany. There, according to its own information, Veggie Day is the strongest day of the week, as the dishes are particularly delicious and innovative. And for those who are concerned about food waste, resourceful company caterers have already come up with a simple and intelligent tip: Why not providing guests with leftover dishes in reusable containers to take home at a reduced price after closing time?