The Grill & BBQ Court 2020 programme

On fire about adding value: top barbecue chefs will be providing interesting cooking demonstrations and showing audiences how to make targeted and profitable use of the barbecue trend at the Grill & BBQ Court.

Barbecues are still a top trend – both at home and out of home. But how can restaurant owners incorporate this hot trend in their business? And how can you generate more added value with steaks and other barbecue offerings. The Grill & BBQ Court 2020 provides the answers in its variety-packed programme. Highlights include fascinating live demonstrations on the show container stage – with two top barbecue chefs as the main attractions:

Christoph Grabowski: Famous peers believe that this master butcher and certified meat sommelier from Castrop-Rauxel is a pioneer in natural animal husbandry, perfect cuts and respect for food. The ‘Die Welt’ newspaper recently called him ‘the biggest star in the meat scene. At the INTERNORGA Grill & BBQ Court the ‘meat whisperer' will be demonstrating how to maximize value added with the perfect meat cuts.<0}

Giuseppe Messina: This man is a real Texturas professional with 25 years of cooking experience and collaborations with master chefs such as Albert Adrià and Andoni Luis Aduriz. Without any assistance he prepares 12-course meals for up to 20 people – several times a week. And he’s famous for transforming simple products into sensational meals. Giuseppe Messina will be sharing his know-how and expertise at the INTERNORGA Grill & BBQ Court