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The latest developments in connected commercial kitchen equipment

Will people still be standing at the stove in the 21st century? And if so, what will that stove look like? The digital transformation is marching into our kitchens and artificial intelligence is optimising cooking processes.

New connected kitchen developments are giving us a glimpse into the future of innovative commercial kitchen equipment. Smart kitchen appliances mean a higher level of automation, better product quality and more productive employees.

An increasing number of commercial kitchen appliances have automated cooking profiles that can be stored and used as often as required. This makes it possible to cook certain dishes under exactly the same conditions, guaranteeing constant quality and saving valuable time for kitchen staff.

Connectivity is key. In smart kitchens the appliances communicate with each other so that they can prepare for the next steps in the cooking processes. When the food in the oven is almost cooked the oven communicates with the blast chiller so that it can initiate an automated process and is ready to receive the food.

Sensor technology and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. The more autonomous learning capabilities the equipment has, the less time and effort has to be invested in selecting programs and checking the foods.

INTERNORGA 2020 visitors will find comprehensive information on all the latest commercial kitchen developments, including top-level expertise and inspiring best-practice cases from numerous exhibitors, programme items and industry decision-makers.

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