Trends and the shopfitting of tomorrow - In conversation with Markus Meier from schmees Ladenbau

Whether material or color selection, lighting effects or naturalness - the shopfitting of tomorrow is the combination of appearance, practicality and cost budget. An interview with Markus Meier from schmees Ladenbau about the trends of the time.

What are currently the biggest challenges for bakeries and confectioneries?

We are currently living in uncertain, unsettled times that are very moving for all of us. Supply chains often cannot be planned. Variables make it difficult to make a current forecast on the development of the bakery trade. Much is conjectured; collected data, for the most part, does not yet exist. Certainly, there will continue to be a shift in farm sizes: The number of smaller operations or single bakers is decreasing, while the share of chain stores continues to increase.

Skilled labor shortages and staff shortages in the baking and foodservice industries will also continue. They are more likely to prevent a new location than the traffic conditions. Expanding the assortment will always be an issue for city-based concepts, as breakfast buffet and/or lunch offerings are location-dependent decisions.

Raw material, purchasing and energy prices will continue to rise, consequently material shortages will continue.

A side effect of increased prices is the customer's desire for good quality. Topics such as organic, sourdough, and natural and regional raw materials will become more prominent. Increasingly, bakers will also focus on specialty or niche areas.

Despite all the concern in the current situation, we are looking ahead and remain optimistic. It is more important than ever for us to be there for our customers - an anchor on troubled seas

What are the trends in shopfitting?


In shopfitting, we are currently experiencing an increasingly consistent return to simplicity and harmony with nature in terms of materials, shapes and colors. The store radiates coziness, nature and warmth. The customer wants a hyggelige living room atmosphere ("hyggelig" is an adjective often used in Danish and Norwegian that literally means "cozy", "pleasant" or "spreading well-being"). The store reflects the idea of nature and sustainability.

Also, in the color design the handmade naturalness is also reflected. Among the most popular shades are blue and green. Colors reminiscent of nature perfectly match the sustainable wood and give the store a particularly warm atmosphere. The color palette ranges from olive to petrol.

A style of interior design that creates a minimalist mood, where we escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What can visitors look forward to at INTERNORGA 2022?

We are presenting a new stand concept with a purist look, a holistic store for everything to do with baking. Visitors can expect a self-contained, all-encompassing store concept. Thanks to the participation of our five strong partners from the bakery and confectionery trades, there will not only be live baking. We will also demonstrate and analyze numerous networked processes of a bakery store, show trends, new technologies, digitalization, networking, cash register systems, refrigeration, dough management and snacks. We will be presenting with experts from the Joliente coffee roasting company, Bedford Manufaktur, Roland Mills United, Wachtel and Kunstleben Consult & Control. With concentrated expertise, our entire team looks forward to seeing our customers again.

Markus Meier © Schmees Ladenbau

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