Which trends are in demand at the moment?

What trends are hot in the industry right now? What is to be observed? We interviewed industry expert and consultant Tim Plasse from the F&B Heroes in Frankfurt and asked him for an assessment.

“The increased use of robots is certainly new. Whether in the interaction with the guests, as support for the logistics for the employees, or as a production helper in the kitchen. Also new on the market are the self-checkout registers and the provision of self-ordering/payment solutions.

Another aspect is artificial intelligence (AI). This is the type of technology that will accelerate the automation of processes and will be an asset to our industry. Whether for sales forecasts or optimized personnel deployment planning - AI will help to make data-based decisions where "gut feeling" has to be left out. In this context, a topic that has been neglected so far, but is nevertheless very relevant, is cyber security.

The era of soft-as-a-service systems will be replaced by product service systems. It is no longer the service or the possible application that counts, but the end result. In the future, the focus of the activities of the restaurateurs should be the successful catering of the guests, less the implementation of reservations or the like.

The hospitality industry is highly complex, technical and at the same time highly emotional and manual. The use of AI/AI, augmented reality, block chain, product service systems etc. will help the out-of-home market to develop exponentially. Transparency and data-based decisions make a lasting contribution to success.”

Image: Tim Plasse, Partner F&B Heroes, © Tim Plasse