Dinner is served! Skywalk table with tabetop trends

Top inspires when it comes to table tops: the spectacular Skywalk table offers the latest table decoration trends over a length of 50 metres.

Dinner is served: The Skywalk table at INTERNORGA shows everything that is currently in fashion in terms of table tops. Well-known exhibitors will be on hand to present the latest trends in tableware, glasses, cutlery and table decorations on the glass bridge between Halls A and B and over a length of more than 50 metres.

According to experts such as Birgit Dubberke, Head of Marketing/Development, BHS tabletop AG, everything is still "allowed" on the table. What is and remains important: The table decoration must be authentic and match the concept of the food offered if it is to inspire the guests.

Whether porcelain in white, with colour glaze or colourfully decorated, whether handcrafted and rustic looks or a mix of materials, the skywalk visitors can expect a firework of inspiration for their own business. Let us surprise you!