Caffeine kick meets new worlds of taste: The Craft Coffee Area

New year, new coffee trends! In the Craft Coffee Area, caffeine fans will find everything their hearts desire. Reason enough to take a look at the most unusual creations around the popular hot drink.

The Craft Coffee Area is the mecca for craft coffee lovers who appreciate individuality, craftsmanship and the best taste. The trendy area brings together exhibitors, restaurateurs, food retailers and members of the bakery industry and presents the most popular product highlights around the "black gold". In recent years, Cold Brew, Dalgona Coffee and Coffee Tonic have been very popular. But in which unexpected facets will the world's most popular hot beverage present itself in 2023? We researched for unusual coffee creations and put together our top 3:


Boba Coffee

Bubble Tea says hello - a few years ago, the hip drink from Asia was considered one of the hottest F&B trends and bubble tea stores sprouted up in European cities like young grass in spring. So, it's hardly surprising that the distinctive "bubbles" made from tapioca starch are now also conquering coffee: as a cold brew variant, the so-called Boba Pearls convince with chilled coffee, milk and ice and provide a summery refreshment.

Coffee smoothies

Healthy eating and an adequate supply of valuable nutrients continue to gain in importance. The smoothie made from fresh fruits and/or vegetables has made a name for itself as a delicious and quick snack. With chilled coffee, the morning vitamin booster can be given an extra caffeine kick - and at the same time opens up new worlds of taste. Whether with sweet banana or creamy avocado: there are no limits to your imagination.

Superfood coffee

Exciting taste experiences combined with real superfoods? That's what awaits coffee lovers in 2023, and it's even more worthwhile to experiment freely according to taste: Be it the South American maca, which is said to have a stimulating effect, the anti-inflammatory turmeric root or the colourful beetroot - whatever is healthy and tasty is allowed.

Image: © Hamburg Messe und Congress / Zieger