Digital check-in: contactless check-in

Contact and travel restrictions have hit the hotel industry hard in recent months. Since the summer, hotels with strict hygiene concepts have again been the contact point for countless people. The digital check-in is likely to be an important part of such hygiene measures.

Digitalization is not just about simplifying and automating processes, guests' requirements also play an important role. This also applies to the hotel industry. So, the pandemic fueled digital check-in: contactless check-in became socially acceptable overnight, as this was the easiest way to reduce personal contact points. Many hotel guests appreciate this option. At the same time, employees were also relieved, because the service staff can take care of the optimal hotel stay for their guests without organizing the check-in directly.

Undoubtedly, the integration of new technologies increases the productivity of employees, which increases the operational efficiency of the hotels and reduces costs. The key to success, however, still lies in guest satisfaction. If this is the case, hoteliers will agree this digital way in the future. The digital check-in can be only the beginning of a future-oriented hotel industry.

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