Equipment highlights: What's en vogue?

What will the year 2023 bring in terms of new furnishing trends and what demands do guests have on contemporary hotel furnishings? We asked around in the industry.

Burkhard Schmidt, Sales Director Hospitality at Villeroy & Boch:

"For 2023, we at Villeroy & Boch see two major trends in the area of hotel and gastronomy equipment: in Fine Dining, white Premium Bone Porcelain, which provides a special stage for exquisite kitchen creations, is the trend. Despite all the restraint, however, unusual shapes, reliefs or filigree fillets are desirable, as they give the porcelain that certain something without distracting from the fine dishes.

In casual dining, on the other hand, the pottery look persists, but in lighter and thus more discreet tones. Color and porcelain that looks handmade and exudes individuality cannot be missing from this trend."


Max Weisenberger, Cluster Operations Manager Hotels & Sportresort Fleesensee:

"At Hotels & Sportresort Fleesensee, we serve different target groups with our hotel offers - from couples to golfers to families. We are observing a general increase in demand among our guests for equipment elements that enable a unique experience. In the spa area, for example, these are special massage beds that work with underwater pressure or extraordinary saunas that enable a special feel-good experience with additives such as fine salt aerosols or pure oxygen.

In general, the topics of sustainability and regionality are also highly in demand – whether it concerns hotel furnishings or food.

In addition, our digital tools are also very popular with guests because they make their stay uncomplicated: Our service robot, for example, which even winks when the guest touches it, is very popular.

Image: Burkhard Schmidt © Villeroy & Boch

Image: Max Weisenberger © Hotels und Sportresort Fleesensee