FIZZZ Roundtable: beverage trends 2020

What are the key drinks in 2020? Which products will be top-sellers and revenue drivers? Trade publication FIZZZ discussed these topics with catering, beverage and retail experts.

The FIZZZ magazine and INTERNORGA invited top sector experts to join them for the FIZZZ Roundtable. They included Christoph Barre from the private brewery Ernst Barre GmbH, bar proprietor Uwe Christiansen from Hamburg, Marc Ciunis, Managing Director of Hotel Tortue in Hamburg, Dirk Lütvogt from the Auburg-Quelle mineral spring operator, Daniel Rizzotti, Marketing Manager at Dallmayr Kaffee and Thomas Weinberger from the Lantenhammer Distillery. The roundtable, chaired by FIZZZ Editor-in-Chief Barbara Becker, defined four mega trends for the beverage market.

  • Coffee, the Germans’ favourite beverage, has evolved into a genuine lifestyle product that enables us to specifically address issues such as quality and sustainability – from filter coffee to specialities such as cold brew.
  • Top quality is also a key focus in the spirits segment. Demand for premium products is higher than ever before. And if they’re hand-crafted by a specific manufacturer and cleverly marketed, all the better: even the big brands are bringing out signature drinks.
  • Manufacturer, origin and regionality are all attributes that consumers look for in beer. The smaller breweries, in particular, can establish a credible image with authenticity and a commitment to brewing traditions. There is a lot of consumer interest in speciality beers, alongside the familiar craft beers.
  • In the alcohol-free segment the same trends are still going strong. Regionality, transparency and sustainability decisively influence the positioning of the beverage and therefore also the company. Restaurants and retailers that are smart enough to underline their philosophy with authentic products can secure vital competitive advantages.

The roundtable showed thattrends in the beverage sector are more than a storm in a teacup.That’s something all the experts at the FIZZZ Roundtable agreed on.