Highlights for cold days

Despite the pandemic, the terraces and outdoor seating areas were inviting for cosy visits in restaurants last summer. But how does the outdoor gastronomy look like in winter times? A preview shows what is possible and presents current trends.

The summer of 2021 was very different from other summers: The pandemic was still present, and the catering industry and cities were asked to find suitable solutions for a safe visit. Among other things, additional areas, such as parking spaces, were provided. Thus, tables and chairs could be placed at a greater distance to maintain the safety distance. But even now, in the cold season, available outdoor spaces can be used in the best possible way and offer guests an alternative that promises safety, quality and cosiness. Outdoor spaces should be equipped for the winter.

Roofing, emission-free radiant heaters, hanging heating lamps or underfloor heating - all this offers comfort and cosiness in the outdoor area. The goal is to create enclosed spaces outside that offer more than a dreary view of the parking lot or the street. It takes creative ideas to make the best possible use of space while at the same time convincing guests and taking their concerns away. Plants, home accessories such as blankets, pillows and rustic woods, which can create a cozy hut atmosphere, support this. Even a discarded mountain gondola can attract attention. Discreet plexiglass walls provide even more security for guests.

© Wolfgang Simm Photography