INTERNORGA Future Award: the finalists

Good ideas should be rewarded; which is why the INTERNORGA Future Award was initiated. 100 candidates have submitted entries for the coveted award again in 2020. Here’s an overview of the nine finalists.

Every year INTERNORGA pays tribute to start-up companies and sustainable business concepts with its Future Award. As usual, this year’s entrants managed to thoroughly impress the jury with their ideas. “Innovation and sustainability are now familiar concepts and, in the majority of submissions, they are key production and corporate identity quality attributes,” said Dr J. Daniel Dahm, Future Award jury chairman. These are the nominees for the Future Award 2020.

Food and Beverages

Swiss startup Essento Insect Food shows that insects can also be used as the basis of protein-rich foods on our continent. The company applies stringent quality standards and sustainability criteria to all its products.

Just Taste makes organic vegetable-based pasta products that are a delicious alternative to conventional durum wheat-based pasta. The six varieties are certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and contain 80 percent less carbohydrates than wheat pasta.

Organically reared prawns from the protected mangrove forest in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta are a flagship project of Yuu’n Mee fine foods. The company is committed to eco-friendly production and social responsibility.

Technology and Equipment

The COOK I-flex cooking station by Blanco Professional unites smart design with state-of-the-art kitchen technology. The station offers a great deal of scope to users as a result of its in-built induction technology and up to three cooktops.

Gefässerie‘s living plant wall is an alternative to technical solutions for improving room climate. The modular system adds natural vitality to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Hobart‘s two-level washer doubles dishwashing capacity. Two separate washing chambers make it possible to wash different types of items at the same time.

Gastronomy and Hotel Sector

Manifesto Market is all about creative urban outdoor catering concepts. The marketing concept focuses on sustainability and innovation in the interest of all, including the environment.

At the Landhotel Markgräfler Alte Post hotel sustainability and eco-friendliness are top priorities – from organically furnished guest rooms to organic cuisine incorporating regional products.

Tress Gastronomie is a family business operating according to a ‘nose to tail’ concept that only processes entire animals. In conjunction with the organic factory, it has evolved into a versatile medium-sized company.