Ergonomic kitchen equipment

Kitchen ergonomics is a subject that will be attracting an increasing amount of attention in the future – and rightly so. Posture, freedom of movement and kitchen climate are just three of the many different aspects contributing to an optimum work environment.

Ergonomics are essential in any commercial kitchen, where the work can by physically strenuous for staff. It’s essential to prevent unnecessary strains and sprains caused by awkward postures, as well as the resulting risks and staff absences due to injury. One important factor is to have door handles and operating panels designed for use by kitchen staff without any need to bend down or stretch up. Cleaning kitchen equipment can also involve ergonomic risk factors and be associated with forceful exertion, which is why some kitchen equipment manufacturers offer automatic cleaning programs. Some appliances have integrated tipping or lowering functions so that staff don’t have to lift large and heavy food containers. Other ergonomic factors are freedom of movement, a comfortable worktop height, having the door hinges on the right side, as well as the reduction of noise and waste heat.

One thing we know for certain is that restaurant owners who invest in ergonomic kitchen equipment are also investing in their employees’ health and safety, and in the smooth operation of their businesses. INTERNOGA 2020 offers visitors a broad range of kitchen equipment products EXAMPLES. International exhibitors will be presenting the latest trends in kitchen ergonomics at their stands.