Let the spirit grow: The Spirit Trends 2023

The Craft Spirit Lounge is the industry's "Innovation Hub" - this year, there will be exciting new products to discover in the beverage segment at INTERNORGA. We are already giving a preview on the most popular drinks in 2023.

Sparkling, inspiring and with or without alcohol - the beverage industry is more diverse than ever and is constantly reinventing itself and its products. In the trendy surroundings of the Craft Spirit Lounge, around 30 exhibitors will once again be presenting fine distillates and surprisingly staged classics at INTERNORGA this year. Which trend products will be in the glass this year? We give a foretaste of the spirit highlights for 2023.


Alcohol-free distillates

Pleasure without remorse: the trend towards alcohol-free distillates continues to gain importance. Whether it's gin, rum or tequila - what normally scores with plenty of alcohol comes across quite innocently in the "Virgin" variants, without losing any of the taste experience. Promotions such as the "Dry January" underpin the trend towards non-alcoholic alternatives and arouse the anticipation of interesting new discoveries in the Craft Spirit Lounge.

Aperitif culture

The desire for light summer drinks before dinner is steadily increasing as well: colourful aperitif creations provide special refreshment in convivial gatherings. Numerous beverage producers have also recognised this and are enriching the market with unusual new products that can be presented in a variety of ways in the glass.

Tequila und mezcal

For a long time, tequila and mezcal were considered the epitome of exuberant party frenzy. In the meantime, an increasing demand for high-quality and individually produced agave distillates testifies to the change in image of the spirit. The USA, in particular, is supporting the ongoing trend - in some places, the spirit is even considered a luxury drink. Industry experts therefore predict promising opportunities for the traditional Mexican drink on the European market as well.

Image: © Hamburg Messe und Congress / Zieger