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Quality from the specialist

SELGROS is one of the cash & carry market leaders – and a Grill & BBQ Court 2020 partner. Andreas Gailus from the SELGROS store in Hamburg Altona gives a preview of what INTERNORGA visitors can expect to find at his stand.

“Our master butchers are absolute experts. We’ll be focusing on our own products and our competence in cuts, sausage products and marinades in the Grill & BBQ Court,” said Andreas Gailus, Sales Manager at the SELGROS store in Hamburg Altona.

Dry aged beef is one of the eye-catchers at the SELGROS stand. Dry aging is the traditional method of aging meat and the meat we’re showing at our stand will have been aged for at least four or five weeks. Another exclusive highlight at our stand is ran Parino pork. Gran Parino pigs aren’t slaughtered until they are at least nine months old and weigh approx. 170 kg. The special method of farming the pigs results in unusually marbled meat in excellent quality with a unique succulent flavour.

Trade visitors and food enthusiasts can check out both quality and flavour at the grill stations on all five days of the trade fair. SELGROS meat sommelier Thomas Vörding will be presenting the products with the master butchers and the host, catering expert Matthias Gripp.