The future of outdoor gastronomy – an interview with Thomas Koch from the Terrassenprofis

The classic era of outdoor catering is long gone. How do you manage to continue to serve as many guests as possible under Corona conditions? Which trends are to be recognized and how does the outdoor gastronomy of the future look, that tells gastronomy consultant Thomas Koch of the Terrassenprofis.

What trends and developments do you perceive in outdoor gastronomy now?
Depending on the situation, outdoor catering is gaining in importance. Even previous “refusers” create outdoor areas and are surprised at their acceptance and the sales potential that has been left behind. The trend towards the 365-day terrace is gaining momentum.

What kind of outdoor gastronomy is successful, and how should it be integrated into the overall gastronomic concept?
In the long run, only the restaurateur who does not regard the terrace business as a necessary evil but actively pursues this business segment will be successful outdoors. It is important to integrate the outdoor area as seamlessly as possible into the existing concept. Inside and outside should result in a coherent overall picture.

What specific tips and recommendations can you give restaurateurs?
Weatherproof, high-quality equipment has first priority. The outdoor equipment is exposed to nature all year round. In the meantime, the customer expects a minimum of comfort outdoors, such as sun / rain protection, wind protection systems and, if possible, a pleasant ambient temperature in the cold season. An appealing ambience goes without saying.

What will the outdoor gastronomy of the future look like?
Guests will take appealing outdoor gastronomy for granted and consider it as one of the main criteria for choosing their destination. Hardly any business will be able to survive without a terrace. Outdoor catering becomes the calling card of every business.

Thomas Koch, Terrassenprofis