The stage for artificial intelligence – the AI CENTER at INTERNORGA

In many places, nothing works anymore without artificial intelligence. The megatrend has also long since found its way into the hospitality industry. INTERNORGA takes this into account and, following the successful premiere last year in March, invites you to the AI CENTER in Hall A3, Booth 629. Innovative AI start-ups present solutions on how operations can become more efficient using AI.

Artificial intelligence has long since found its way into many areas – including the out-of-home market. Not only industry insiders agree that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the catering and hotel industry. There is no way around artificial intelligence. Following the successful launch of the KI CENTER last year, the mega-trend returns to INTERNORGA with the new AI CENTER in Hall A3, Booth 629. With the Hamburg network AI.HAMBURG, INTERNORGA has a competent partner at its side. The AI CENTER presents innovative AI start-ups that present solutions on how the use of artificial intelligence can make companies more innovative, better, more cost-effective and efficient – be it in the areas of human resources, inventory management or sustainability.


Intelligent inventory management systems take the lead here – not only to prevent overproduction but also to enable precise demand forecasts. But that’s just the beginning! Machine learning not only optimizes recipes, but also raises product quality to a new level. Artificial intelligence is the key to personnel optimization, efficient resource planning and intelligent food waste management. In the hospitality industry, AI creates personalized guest experience while optimizing operations and minimizing costs. And that’s not all – bakeries and pastry shops also experience a decisive advantage with AI, catapulting efficiency and product quality to unimagined heights. Welcome to a world where innovation and technology redefine the boundaries of taste!


Digitalization is and remains crucial for the industry. It enables efficient processes and increases productivity and profitability. It also creates space for innovative technologies and personalized customer interactions that strengthen competitiveness and create a contemporary guest experience.


Bild 1: © Hamburg Messe und Congress / René Zieger

Bild 2: © Hamburg Messe und Congress / Michael Zapf