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Wunderfish GmbH won the INTERNORGA Future Award in the 'Food and Beverages' category for its Oceanfruit sea salads. What has happened to them since then and how things will continue at Wunderfish GmbH, they reveal to us in a short interview.

The application phase for the INTERNORGA Future Award 2023 has already begun. INTERNORGA is looking for visionaries who present sustainable ideas and future-oriented concepts. Wunderfish GmbH won the INTERNORGA Future Award in the category 'Food and Beverages' for its Oceanfruit sea salads this year. What has happened since then and what's next? Wunderfish co-founders and CEOs Deniz Ficicioglu and Jacob von Manteuffel told us.

How did it feel to win the 2022 Future Prize?

We are very happy to have won the Future Award 2022 with OCEANFRUIT. We are particularly proud that our sea salads were not only recognized as innovative, but likewise that European seaweeds received their deserved attention.

You were also represented in the Newcomers Area at INTERNORGA 2022. What was the feedback like at your booth?

Thanks to the 2022 Future Award, OCEANFRUIT received a lot of interest and attention in the Newcomers Area. INTERNORGA definitely opened some doors for us as a food start-up and we were able to start the debate around seaweed as part of the diet of the future.

Do you have tips for this year’s applicants?

Clearly highlight what makes your product so unique and what added value it creates for a sustainable future. And: prepare yourself for a rough ride - because in 2023 we will definitely give everything to make sure BettaF!sh doesn't go home without an award.


Jacob von Manteuffel & Deniz Ficicioglu

Jacob von Manteuffel & Deniz Ficicioglu (f.l.t.r.) © Fabian Brennecke