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A statement from DIG e.V on kitchen equipment trends.

Trend statement by Dr Stefan Hartmann, Chairman of the German Institute for Public Catering (DIG) on the development of smart kitchen equipment and kitchen connectivity

What are the latest equipment trends in catering kitchens?

The challenges associated with kitchens becoming smaller and qualified staff being in increasingly short supply have put the spotlight on multifunctional and easy-to-use appliances. Sustainability is another important issue; primarily relating to the energy efficiency of the kitchen appliances. 

What other trends will the catering kitchen sector have to address in the future?

Consumer eating habits and expectations are influenced by a number of factors such as food trends that are multiplied via the internet. The fact that food and beverages are today available on a round-the-clock basis (e.g. delivery services) is changing the traditional three-meals-a-day eating pattern. Globalisation and digitalisation are also changing the workplace. In the future, catering kitchens will have to adapt to these changes and offer more than just food and beverages. They have to evolve into nurturing havens for physical and mental regeneration (as opposed to functional areas to satisfy hunger) with a pleasant atmosphere (including guestroom design, interior space quality etc.) offering entertainment (e.g. storytelling, show kitchens, mise-en-scene elements), space for social interaction (to reinforce collective identity and team spirit), and a delicious and healthy range of foods as the basis for physical and mental health.