Why sustainability is so important - a statement by food expert Antje de Vries

The gastronomy industry has extremely suffered during the crisis. But this can also lead to opportunities, says Antje de Vries, successful book author, creative chef, food nomad and member of the F&B Heroes advisory and consulting group.

"Society and the interaction of the world are at a breakover point. Ecological, economic, and social sustainability is the only logical way. Looking at nature itself brings inspiration, support, orientation and hope as well as obvious, clear approaches to solutions in times of uncertainty, high complexity, and upheaval.

Gastronomy is about creating interactions between people and nature. Restaurateurs have the privilege, the responsibility, and great opportunities to promote the connection between people and nature in every moment and to make it a sensual experience - an industry as a connector and pioneer for a meaningful future. It is time to use this potential and actively create a new natural relationship. This includes conscious purchasing that keeps nature's well-being in mind, cuisine that celebrates the richness of plants, forward-thinking, resource-conserving planning of value-appreciating and value-creating processes that honor the product, the use of environmentally sustainable and employee-friendly work tools, and the curation of individualized, value-added product portfolios, dishes, and moments of enjoyment."

Antje de Vries, book author, chef, food nomad and member of the F&B Heroes advisory and consulting group.

Antje de Vries steht vor einer blauen Wand und schaut auf die Tomaten in ihrer Hand

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