Hot Trends from the Grill & BBQ Scene

In 2022, trade visitors to INTERNORGA can experience hot trends around the grill not only on the outdoor area, but now also indoors!

The Grill & BBQ Court in renewed cooperation with GRILL-KONTOR Hamburg presents not only classic grills and useful accessories. Well-known faces from the scene will show the latest tricks on the grill and trendy cuts such as Hanging Tender, Flank or Outside Skirt.

Grill expert Dirk Alberts gives a preview of what grill fans can look forward to.

You would like to become an exhibitor on the Grill & BBQ Court or with an individual stand area?



Grill & BBQ Court

GRILL-Kontor Hamburg GmbH
Dirk Alberts
Phone: +49 40 702 989 20
Email: info(at)grill-kontor(dot)com

Individual stand space in Hall B5 or on the open-air site

Yvonne Reinshagen
Project Manager INTERNORGA
Phone: +49 40 3569 2433
Email: yvonne.reinshagen(at)hamburg-messe(dot)de