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INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: Healthy World – future trends in the restaurant and catering sectors

In a constantly changing world where demands for healthy eating are increasingly individualised, healthy and, in some cases, personalised nutritional concepts and a more plant-based diet are becoming ever more important. Gen Z in particular is driving this trend and striving towards the ‘next level’…

INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: Countdown to Sustainability – News, Impact and Drivers

Sustainability has become a fundamental element of the DNA and image of companies, especially in the foodservice and hospitality market. There are many ways they can take sustainable action. Each is influenced by a variety of drivers, including legal regulations, personal motivation, differentiation…

INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: The Future of Proteins: new possibilities for innovative protein sources

The continuous advances in protein research are revolutionising the food industry and the foodservice and hospitality market. These changes are not only down to the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives, but also to innovative concepts such as cell-based products. In this trend analysis…

Farewell to packaging waste: Focus on sustainable waste management

As much as necessary, as little as possible - that applies to packaging. Oliver Jaekel, Head of Marketing at Marché International, knows how to implement sustainable packaging management.

Well prepared for the obligation to return

The fight against packaging waste is picking up speed: From 2023, the returnable packaging requirement will apply in the take-away business. ReCup founder Fabian Eckert explains what this means for the industry and what trends there are in the packaging sector.

Good Packaging - everything good

The topic of packaging has never been as important for the industry as it is today. A fire accelerator is the obligation to return items from January 2023. INTERNORGA 2023 will show the solutions that are available here in a large exhibition area.

Pressebild Portrait Gründer Florian Berg & Julius Wiesenhütter mit Box
Home Fine Dining: The new trend

The fact that exquisite gourmet experience and delivery do not have to be incompatible is no longer a secret, at the latest since the corona crisis. Julius Wiesenhuetter, founder of the home fine dining platform, explains the special requirements of the delivery business and the…

Ongoing Delivery Boom: Curse or Blessing for the Hospitality Industry?

While delivery services and takeaways were initially only a small glimmer of hope for many restaurateurs during the lockdown in order to maintain operations, the out-of-home business has increasingly established itself as a second mainstay.

Antje de Vries steht vor einem hellgrünen Hintergrund und hält lachend kleine Tomaten in die Kamera
Why sustainability is so important - a statement by food expert Antje de Vries

The gastronomy industry has extremely suffered during the crisis. But this can also lead to opportunities, says Antje de Vries, successful book author, creative chef, food nomad and member of the F&B Heroes advisory and consulting group.

RECUP Gründer Eckert & Pachaly sitzen lachend an einem Tisch, im Vordergrund verschiedene Dosen von RECUP
With entrepreneurial spirit against packaging waste: A conversation with Recup

Fabian Eckert and Florian Pachaly are declaring war against disposable packaging. They are the founders of Recup, a company that offers reusable cups and bowls as a deposit system. In an interview, co-founder Fabian Eckert explains what is important now.

Blick in die Küche eines Restaurants, ein Koch steht mit einer Pfanne am Herd
Ways to more sustainability in the hospitality industry: Efficient waste management

Companies that strive to establish sustainable processes in their own operations cannot avoid the issue of forward-looking resource planning: Millions of tons of food end up in the trash every year. How does efficient waste management succeed?

Here to stay: packaging and delivery

In the cold season, delivery can now be the trump card for restaurateurs: In order to get through the crisis well and be well positioned all round, the packaging must also be right - sustainability is the magic word.

Conversation with Sebastian Hauss, enviado GmbH

Sustainable products for delivery services are increasingly important in times of climate change. What should be considered with delivery and packaging? Which trends can be observed? We asked Sebastian Hauss, managing director of enviado GmbH.

Conversation with Patrick Junge, Peter Pane

Delivery is becoming more and more important in the catering industry. What do restaurateurs say who already successfully offer delivery services? What works and what does not? We interviewed Patrick Junge, Managing Director of Peter Pane and Peter Bringt's.