New trends are bringing about changes in the out-of-home market. The FoodZoom survey conducted by INTERNORGA in collaboration with trend researcher Karin Tischer (food & more, Kaarst) presents the trends that will be driving the market in future and provides restaurant operators, hoteliers, bakers and pastry chefs with valuable orientation. On the subject of quality, for instance, the survey has revealed that artificial intelligence will result in new, productivity-boosting concepts. Sauces, spreads and cream toppings are other emerging trends offering restaurants the chance to raise their profile. Casual food concepts, such as original street food for in-situ snacking, trendy bowls and burgers are also gaining in significance.

Companies are increasingly taking advantage of digital technology for marketing purposes. They are also involving influencers to promote products and inform people about special deals. Healthy eating is another food trend putting the spotlight on bowls, smoothies, shots and salads as the undisputed ‘health foods’. Guests with special dietary preferences also have to be catered to and high-protein meals for fitness enthusiasts are particularly popular. New challenges and opportunities are emerging as a result of developments in commercial catering. INTERNORGA’s comprehensive FoodZoom survey provides insights into what these are and how the sector can respond to them. Read more about this topic here. Link to the INTERNORGA FoodZoom Study .