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Some kitchen technology exhibitors have already given a glimpse behind the scenes.

The beautiful new world of kitchen technology

Every kitchen professional knows that the kitchen is the heart of every gastronomic concept. Yet modern kitchen technology today must do much more. INTERNORGA 2024 will provide a comprehensive overview of the right equipment in the “Kitchen Technology and Equipment” exhibition area.

More time for the essentials

Modern kitchen technology can do a lot: It helps to save energy and can compensate for a lack of staff. We asked two exhibitors why state-of-the-art kitchen technology is a must.

Nothing works without professional kitchen technology

The kitchen is always the heart of a gastronomic establishment. Clearly, the kitchen technology has to be right here. It supports procedures and processes and thus makes stressful everyday life easier. Anyone who needs an overview of the variety of kitchen technology is in good hands at INTERNORGA…

The company catering of the future

Canteen was yesterday - company catering is by now a restaurant within the company. Just as delicious and diverse. This article outlines the direction in which company catering is progressing.

Brave new kitchen technology world: With connectivity towards the future

What does it take in professional kitchens in times of a new normal, ever-increasing challenges and missing employees? Digitization seems to be the magic word of the day. A short inventory.

"Now modular and mobile solutions are needed" - in conversation with Rieber shareholder Madlen Maier

Madlen Maier, shareholder of Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, gives a brief insight into which kitchen technology professional kitchens should rely on and what role digitalization plays in this.

Three questions for Christian Scheib, Aramark GmbH

Christian Scheib, Aramark GmbH, is Operations Manager at the SAP company restaurant in Walldorf. We asked him what kitchen equipment is particularly important right now. Here’s the interview:

Smart kitchens – trends and digital solutions

The ‘new normal’ era is a change and innovation catalyst. What top trends are relevant now and how can digital solutions support commercial kitchen operators?

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The latest developments in connected commercial kitchen equipment

Will people still be standing at the stove in the 21st century? And if so, what will that stove look like? The digital transformation is marching into our kitchens and artificial intelligence is optimising cooking processes.

Ergonomic kitchen equipment

Kitchen ergonomics is a subject that will be attracting an increasing amount of attention in the future – and rightly so. Posture, freedom of movement and kitchen climate are just three of the many different aspects contributing to an optimum work environment.

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A statement from DIG e.V on kitchen equipment trends.

Trend statement by Dr Stefan Hartmann, Chairman of the German Institute for Public Catering (DIG) on the development of smart kitchen equipment and kitchen connectivity

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The kitchen of the future is digital

The digital transformation is already changing commercial kitchens and catering establishments. What will we be seeing in the future? And what are the opportunities and challenges? Kitchen equipment manufacturers provide answers.