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A statement from DIG e.V on kitchen equipment trends.

Trend statement by Dr Stefan Hartmann, Chairman of the German Institute for Public Catering (DIG) on the development of smart kitchen equipment and kitchen connectivity

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The kitchen of the future is digital

The digital transformation is already changing commercial kitchens and catering establishments. What will we be seeing in the future? And what are the opportunities and challenges? Kitchen equipment manufacturers provide answers.

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The latest developments in connected commercial kitchen equipment

Will people still be standing at the stove in the 21st century? And if so, what will that stove look like? The digital transformation is marching into our kitchens and artificial intelligence is optimising cooking processes.

Convenience talk on the future of French fries

Carsten Brinck is Food Service Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at McCain GmbH. In this brief interview he chatted to us about future requirements for French fries and the future of the convenience food sector

Frozen convenience food trends in the spotlight

Frozen food products are as popular as ever. Dr Sabine Eichner, Managing Director at the German Frozen Foods Institute, talked to us about sector trends, developments and statistics

The latest trends and developments in hotel interior design

Although hotel trends have been strongly influenced by digitalisation in recent years, hotel guests still want hominess. Here’s an overview of current and future interior design trends:

Beverage trends
Liquid trends: mate, soda pop, no-alcohol spirits

The beverage industry produces a wide assortment of drinks catering to all preferences. Nevertheless, from time to time, special trends emerge that inspire the market. Which beverages are the biggest talking points right now?

Commercial catering trends

More and more people are eating out of home, daily routines are moving at a faster pace and mealtimes are more flexible. What are the implications for commercial caterers? And where is the industry going?

The future of the soda pop

Soda pop is a cult beverage and a must in any beverage range. Now traditional orangeades and lemonades are being joined by soda pops with increasingly exotic flavours. Fritz and Wostok on the development of liquid trends.

AHGZ Breakfast Club at INTERNORGA 2020
AHGZ Breakfast Club powered by INTERNORGA

At INTERNORGA 2020 the AHGZ Breakfast Club is open from early to late on all five days.

New snack trends that are here to stay in 2019/2020

Until twenty years ago snacks were either foods to satisfy cravings or sweet treats. Today they are increasingly replacing traditional meals. What are the 2019/2020 snack trends?

Food trend researcher Hanni Rützler on snacking

Hanni Rützler is a food trend researcher, so tracking down the latest trends is her job. For 2020 Hanni forecasts that the new mega trend of snacking is here to stay! Does this mean the end of traditional mealtimes?

Veggie integration tips

Launching vegetarian and vegan products is a smart move for traditionally meat-oriented companies. These three tips will help you switch over to meat alternatives.

Interview with Katleen Haefele from ProVeg Deutschland

Katleen Haefele, Head of Food Services & Events at ProVeg Deutschland, chatted to us about current and future vegetarian and vegan nutrition trends in the interview.

Breakfast tabletop trends

Birgit Dubberke, Marketing/Development Manager at BHS tabletop AG, on breakfast tabletop trends and innovations.

Coffee highlights and innovations

Coffee is still an exciting product in a continuously changing market. Cold Brew and French Press are yesterday’s news. Here are some of the most creative new coffee products.

The latest breakfast trends

Breakfast is no longer a morning meal and the latest trend is all-day breakfasts. Products are more offbeat, formats are more sustainable and the coffee’s (deliberately) cold.

Meat can be vegetarian

INTERNORGA 2020 is again thematising the enduring trend of vegetarian products and there will be many exhibitors with innovative meat-free products, from veggie burgers to vegan cakes, at the trade show.

Are we heading for a meat-free future?

Regional origin, traceability and animal welfare are all reasons why an increasing number of consumers are becoming vegetarians. Meat-free and meat replacement products are catering to a growing market with great future potential.

Intelligent food waste solutions

MEIKO Green Waste specialises in the collection and recycling of food waste. CEO Patrick Hoffmann explains how to optimise processes in terms of their ecology and economy – from food waste disposal systems to collection tanks.