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Veggie integration tips

Launching vegetarian and vegan products is a smart move for traditionally meat-oriented companies. These three tips will help you switch over to meat alternatives.

Interview with Katleen Haefele from ProVeg Deutschland

Katleen Haefele, Head of Food Services & Events at ProVeg Deutschland, chatted to us about current and future vegetarian and vegan nutrition trends in the interview.

Breakfast tabletop trends

Birgit Dubberke, Marketing/Development Manager at BHS tabletop AG, on breakfast tabletop trends and innovations.

Coffee highlights and innovations

Coffee is still an exciting product in a continuously changing market. Cold Brew and French Press are yesterday’s news. Here are some of the most creative new coffee products.

The latest breakfast trends

Breakfast is no longer a morning meal and the latest trend is all-day breakfasts. Products are more offbeat, formats are more sustainable and the coffee’s (deliberately) cold.

Meat can be vegetarian

INTERNORGA 2020 is again thematising the enduring trend of vegetarian products and there will be many exhibitors with innovative meat-free products, from veggie burgers to vegan cakes, at the trade show.

Are we heading for a meat-free future?

Regional origin, traceability and animal welfare are all reasons why an increasing number of consumers are becoming vegetarians. Meat-free and meat replacement products are catering to a growing market with great future potential.

Intelligent food waste solutions

MEIKO Green Waste specialises in the collection and recycling of food waste. CEO Patrick Hoffmann explains how to optimise processes in terms of their ecology and economy – from food waste disposal systems to collection tanks.

Effective waste management

The battle to reduce food waste is an important ecological and economic issue that also has social and ethical implications. These are the five steps in an effective waste management concept.

Tableware made of palm leaves – Leef Blattwerk GmbH

Leef Blattwerk GmbH is encouraging sustainability in the hospitality industry. Its product is compostable tableware made of palm leaves. Its objective is to replace plastic and reduce waste.

Sustainability in the out-of-home market

INTERNORGA 2020 is once again a platform for sustainable businesses and eco-friendly start-ups to present their innovative green ideas to a trade public. This year there is a special focus on alternatives to plastic.

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Say goodbye to cash! These are the payment methods of the future

Store and restaurant customers in Germany have always liked to pay for their purchases in cash. Until now. But cash may not be king in Germany for much longer.


Take a look at the recently opened Pierdrei Hotel

The Pierdrei Hotel in Hamburg’s HafenCity district opened its doors to guests in summer 2019. The hotel’s website says, “Hotels aren’t what they used to be”. So what makes this hotel different? It combines hospitality with entertainment.

(c) Rolf Otzipka
Worthwhile investments

There are so many new technologies being regularly launched in the market that it’s difficult to know what to invest in. These are key technologies that restaurant operators should be keeping their eye on.

(c) Nicolas Maack
What the 2019 winners said

The Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser Board of Trustees and WMF Group are the Future Award winners. We asked them for a brief statement letting us know what they’ve been up to since receiving the award.

(c) Nicolas Maack
Review of the INTERNORGA Future Award 2019

The 9th INTERNORGA Future Award ceremony was an exciting event from start to finish. It culminated in the presentation of awards to three companies for setting new standards in innovation.

(c) Julian Huke
Direct bookings vs. portals

One of the most intensely discussed topics in the hotel industry is the pros and cons of direct bookings versus the use of booking portals. What's the latest booking trend?

(c) Julian Huke
Hospitality industry meets digital marketing

Digital marketing is a useful tool for drawing attention to a company – and it also works for restaurants and hotels. These days, digital is the way to find customers.

(c) Nicolas Maack
HOLYCRAB! – invasive gourmet street food

Invasive gourmet street food company HOLYCRAB! was one of the top five start-ups in the Deutscher Gastro-Gründerpreis 2019. Co-founder Juliane Bublitz told us how they have benefitted from that result.

(c) Nicolas Maack
"Über den Tellerrand Café" – news from the 2019 winner

The Über den Tellerrand café won the Deutscher Gastro-Gründerpreis 2019. Owner Julia Harig talked to us about what’s happened since and how the café has developed during its first year of business.