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Alexander Huck
What do restaurant and bakery owners say?

“Every cloud has a silver lining!” A baker and two restaurant owners talk about their experiences of the past few crisis months, the benefits they have managed to derive from the situation and their future outlooks.

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Three questions for Jean Georges Ploner, F & B Heroes

Jean Georges Ploner knows the hospitality industry like the back of his hand. Read about his views on future trends for the industry and how it can survive this unprecedented situation

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What does the future hold in store for the food service and hospitality industry?

The food service and hospitality industry is in a process of change that has been speeded up by the coronavirus crisis. It’s time for courageous and inventive facilitators and visionaries make a creative and confident contribution to shaping the future of our sector.

Hamburg to enjoy: Gastronomy tips by foodservice

The best way to round off a day at the INTERNORGA is to end it in an excellent restaurant. The trade magazine foodservice has compiled Hamburg's best addresses for you.

Convenience talk on the future of French fries

Carsten Brinck is Food Service Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at McCain GmbH. In this brief interview he chatted to us about future requirements for French fries and the future of the convenience food sector

Frozen convenience food trends in the spotlight

Frozen food products are as popular as ever. Dr Sabine Eichner, Managing Director at the German Frozen Foods Institute, talked to us about sector trends, developments and statistics

Commercial catering trends

More and more people are eating out of home, daily routines are moving at a faster pace and mealtimes are more flexible. What are the implications for commercial caterers? And where is the industry going?

Breakfast tabletop trends

Birgit Dubberke, Marketing/Development Manager at BHS tabletop AG, on breakfast tabletop trends and innovations.

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Worthwhile investments

There are so many new technologies being regularly launched in the market that it’s difficult to know what to invest in. These are key technologies that restaurant operators should be keeping their eye on.

Hamburg: reflecting all trends of the gastronomy world

What’s new in the gastronomy scene? Visiting Hamburg will provide the answer to that question. Both the INTERNORGA and the booming local out-of-home market allow for plenty of inspiration.

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Corporate caterer e*lounge: sustainable, fair, transparent

Veggie day is undeniably the most popular day at e*lounge. The corporate caterer at the Esprit headquarters in Düsseldorf spoils its 1000 employees with fresh, healthy and sustainable food.