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INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: International Fun Facts and Eatertainment

The restaurant and hotel industries are in a constant state of flux, with trends in food and beverages playing a key role in developments. This trend analysis provides an overview of the latest in the international culinary sector, with the attention on fun, quirky and interesting concepts. It not…

100 years old and still "cool": How frozen products conquered the hospitality industry

An invention that revolutionised cooking: 100 years after the development of the first freezers, frozen products are still popular in the hospitality industry. We talked to the Managing Director of the German Frozen Food Institute about advantages and trends.

Brainfood for the industry: discover the latest F&B trends in the Pink Cube

Square, informative, pink: In the Pink Cube, trend researcher Karin Tischer presents "bite-sized" insights on the world's hottest developments in the F&B sector. Discover the programme here.

Traveling flexibly: trends in travel catering in 2022

The pandemic has shaken up the travel industry, and with it, the traffic gastronomy. What is the current situation and which trends are emerging?

Restaurant and hotel architecture: What is state-of-the-art?

It is not new that distinctive construction and exceptional design are becoming increasingly important for hotels and restaurants. But how are current challenges such as Corona and climate change changing hospitality architecture?

The future of outdoor gastronomy – an interview with Thomas Koch from the Terrassenprofis

The classic era of outdoor catering is long gone. How do you manage to continue to serve as many guests as possible under Corona conditions? Which trends are to be recognized and how does the outdoor gastronomy of the future look, that tells gastronomy consultant Thomas Koch of the Terrassenprofis. …

Highlights for cold days

Despite the pandemic, the terraces and outdoor seating areas were inviting for cosy visits in restaurants last summer. But how does the outdoor gastronomy look like in winter times? A preview shows what is possible and presents current trends.

Everything under one roof: Retail gastronomy rethought

Urban meeting place for food culture: With the "Bridge" in Zurich, the Migros Zurich Cooperative is dissolving the boundaries between supermarket, gastronomy and event location. Three questions Bridge-CEO David Böhler.

Karin Neuhauser Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH
New world of INTERNORGA - New hall structure offers more possibilities to demonstrate trends in the out of home market

INTERNORGA will be even more interesting and diverse in 2022 with the new hall layout. Optimized exhibition areas, new presentation options and more stringent visitor guidance. Here is an overview of the new hall structure.

Pexel: Marcus Herzberg: Blick in eine vollbesetzte Bar
Gastronomy in the city and in the countryside

More and more inns are disappearing in rural regions. The reasons are not always poor sales: Even gourmet restaurants need to close. The DEHOGA association is warning about slow disappearances of inns and guesthouses in the countryside.

Pexel: Lorenzo Messina Blick in ein Restaurant
Back to New Future – Future gastronomy trends

After the challenging years of 2020 and 2021, restaurateurs are looking forward to 2022 with great anticipations. A strong revival of gastronomy is expected. But which trends will pop out? A brief outline of the current trends.

Alexander Huck
What do restaurant and bakery owners say?

“Every cloud has a silver lining!” A baker and two restaurant owners talk about their experiences of the past few crisis months, the benefits they have managed to derive from the situation and their future outlooks.

[Translate to EN:] Jean Georges Ploner F&B Hereos
Three questions for Jean Georges Ploner, F & B Heroes

Jean Georges Ploner knows the hospitality industry like the back of his hand. Read about his views on future trends for the industry and how it can survive this unprecedented situation

Mann bezahlt Essen mit dem Smartphone
What does the future hold in store for the food service and hospitality industry?

The food service and hospitality industry is in a process of change that has been speeded up by the coronavirus crisis. It’s time for courageous and inventive facilitators and visionaries make a creative and confident contribution to shaping the future of our sector.

Hamburg to enjoy: Gastronomy tips by foodservice

The best way to round off a day at the INTERNORGA is to end it in an excellent restaurant. The trade magazine foodservice has compiled Hamburg's best addresses for you.