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Michael Kuriat, TNC Group und Präsident Leaders Club C TNC
Three questions for Michael Kuriat, TNC Group and Leaders Club President

Michael Kuriat, CEO of the TNC Group and President of the Leaders Club Germany is an expert on digitalisation and the social media. In the interview he outlines the important things to focus on right now.

Bezahlen mit  digitalen Geräten _ copyright Katrin Neuhauser
It’s all digital! Digitalisation is indispensable

Digitalisation has taken on far greater significance in the hospitality industry as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The use of digital tools offers many advantages that are extremely practical right now.

(c) Julian Huke
Hospitality industry meets digital marketing

Digital marketing is a useful tool for drawing attention to a company – and it also works for restaurants and hotels. These days, digital is the way to find customers.