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Here to stay: packaging and delivery

In the cold season, delivery can now be the trump card for restaurateurs: In order to get through the crisis well and be well positioned all round, the packaging must also be right - sustainability is the magic word.

Conversation with Sebastian Hauss, enviado GmbH

Sustainable products for delivery services are increasingly important in times of climate change. What should be considered with delivery and packaging? Which trends can be observed? We asked Sebastian Hauss, managing director of enviado GmbH.

Conversation with Patrick Junge, Peter Pane

Delivery is becoming more and more important in the catering industry. What do restaurateurs say who already successfully offer delivery services? What works and what does not? We interviewed Patrick Junge, Managing Director of Peter Pane and Peter Bringt's.

Intelligent food waste solutions

MEIKO Green Waste specialises in the collection and recycling of food waste. CEO Patrick Hoffmann explains how to optimise processes in terms of their ecology and economy – from food waste disposal systems to collection tanks.

Effective waste management

The battle to reduce food waste is an important ecological and economic issue that also has social and ethical implications. These are the five steps in an effective waste management concept.

Tableware made of palm leaves – Leef Blattwerk GmbH

Leef Blattwerk GmbH is encouraging sustainability in the hospitality industry. Its product is compostable tableware made of palm leaves. Its objective is to replace plastic and reduce waste.

Sustainability in the out-of-home market

INTERNORGA 2020 is once again a platform for sustainable businesses and eco-friendly start-ups to present their innovative green ideas to a trade public. This year there is a special focus on alternatives to plastic.