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INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: International Fun Facts and Eatertainment

The restaurant and hotel industries are in a constant state of flux, with trends in food and beverages playing a key role in developments. This trend analysis provides an overview of the latest in the international culinary sector, with the attention on fun, quirky and interesting concepts. It not…

Brainfood for the industry: discover the latest F&B trends in the Pink Cube

Square, informative, pink: In the Pink Cube, trend researcher Karin Tischer presents "bite-sized" insights on the world's hottest developments in the F&B sector. Discover the programme here.

Caffeine kick meets new worlds of taste: The Craft Coffee Area

New year, new coffee trends! In the Craft Coffee Area, caffeine fans will find everything their hearts desire. Reason enough to take a look at the most unusual creations around the popular hot drink.

Let the spirit grow: The Spirit Trends 2023

The Craft Spirit Lounge is the industry's "Innovation Hub" - this year, there will be exciting new products to discover in the beverage segment at INTERNORGA. We are already giving a preview on the most popular drinks in 2023.

Bartresen mit drei Cocktailgläsern und einer Red Bull Dose, im Hintergrund weitere Red Bull-Dosen und eine Barkeeperin
How energy drinks giant Red Bull assesses the current development of the industry

Some beverages inspire not only consumers, but an entire industry. This includes Red Bull with its energy drinks. Developments in consumer behaviour and current beverage trends in the industry from the perspective of the energy drinks giant.

Beverage innovations at INTERNORGA 2022

Hot and cold beverage trends and refreshing ideas are delivered by INTERNORGA 2022: The trend areas Craft Coffee and Craft Spirit Lounge present exciting beverage highlights and invite to discover, enjoy and exchange from April 30 to May 04, 2022.

Liquid trends – What drinks not to be missed

The beverage industry is colourful and has something for all tastes. The range seems limitless, but special trends continue to crystallize that inspire the market. Which drinks are currently on everyone's lips?

Beverage trends
Liquid trends: mate, soda pop, no-alcohol spirits

The beverage industry produces a wide assortment of drinks catering to all preferences. Nevertheless, from time to time, special trends emerge that inspire the market. Which beverages are the biggest talking points right now?

FIZZZ Roundtable: beverage trends 2020

What are the key drinks in 2020? Which products will be top-sellers and revenue drivers? Trade publication FIZZZ discussed these topics with catering, beverage and retail experts.

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“A fantastic forum for fine spirits”

INTERNORGA’S Craft Spirit Lounge is a unique forum in which spirit manufacturers can showcase their products. One of those manufacturers is the traditional distillery Lantenhammer. An interview with CMO Thomas Weinberger.