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Equipment highlights: What's en vogue?

What will the year 2023 bring in terms of new furnishing trends and what demands do guests have on contemporary hotel furnishings? We asked around in the industry.

Hotel and restaurant furnishings: setting accents with individual design

Recognition value as a guarantee of success for the hospitality industry: in four halls, everything at INTERNORGA revolves around innovations in the field of hotel and restaurant equipment. Pure inspiration for the hospitality industry!

Martin Stockburger Geschäftsführer Koncept Hotels International @koncept hotels international

Short-Interview with Martin Stockburger, Koncept Hotels

Times have changed since Corona occurred. But what should never be missed in the hotel industry? What can guests expect in the future? And what can be used to inspire guests? An interview with Martin Stockburger, Managing Director of Koncept Hotels.

Im Vordergrund Laptop-Bildschirm, in Hintergrund blaues Meer

Workation – Working in front of the beach or in the mountains

To work at the beach or in the mountains? Combining work and vacation is the dream of many. Workation makes it possible, and hotels have already recognized this trend. What do hotels need to consider if they want to offer workation? A summary.

Unsplash: Sebastian Scholz  Türöffnen mit dem Smartphone

What’s hot or not in in the hotel business?

The pandemic has changed many things, including the hotel industry. What used to be viewed with scepticism is now en vogue. What are the hotel trends of tomorrow? What excites guests and what is even desired? Here is an overview.

Current developments and prospects according to Dieter van Acken, Tobit Labs (smartels)

Dieter van Acken from Tobit Labs makes a perfect match of digitalisation and hospitality. He talked to us about his lockdown experience at his digital hotel and the future role of digitalisation.

Current developments according to Max Luscher, B&B Hotels (budget hotels)

Max Luscher knows the hospitality industry like the back of his hand. He talked to us about how he and his B&B budget hotel chain experienced lockdown, what things have changed since then and his views on the future of the hotel industry.

What does the future hold in store for the hotel industry?

Budget or digital hotel? Hotel industry trends provide a first impression of the factors that will be relevant to the long-term success of future hotel concepts.

“Make sure it’s authentic”

Interior designer Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk from Joi Design is familiar with the latest branch trends – including urban farming. Here’s her explanation of what’s behind the trend and advice to hotels on how to take advantage of it.

The future of the resort hotel business: AHGZ Salon Talk

Resort hotels are experiencing a new surge in popularity. Acclaimed hotel experts discussed concepts and challenges in this segment at the pre-INTERNORGA AHGZ Salon Talk.