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These are the top trends in the industry

Trends in the baking industry are extremely diverse - who would know this better than development and trend researcher Karin Tischer from food & more in Kaarst, Germany? The international and well-known expert reports on the most promising trends.

At the forefront - coffee specialties outside home

A quarter of total annual coffee consumption in Germany is already consumed outside home - with a strong upward trend - including in bakeries and patisseries. INTERNORGA 2024 provides information on the latest coffee trends on the market.

The variety of vegan baked goods at INTERNORGA 2024

Vegan alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in both the classic bakery range and the snack segment - even among non-vegans. INTERNORGA provides visitors from the industry with valuable impulses, inspiration and freshly baked news.

Booming bakery gastronomy: New snacking trends

The snackification trend is rapidly gaining momentum - and this presents great opportunities for the bakery and confectionery industry. INTERNORGA 2024 will showcase the latest trends and innovations.

Why INTERNORGA? Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt in conversation

Master confectioner and author Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt reveals the latest baking trends and explains why bakers and confectioners shouldn't miss INTERNORGA.

Sweet extras for the baking industry

Naturally, representatives of the baking industry will receive valuable impulses, inspiration and new things fresh from the oven at INTERNORGA. Lots of extras included!

Fresh from the oven: trends and variety at INTERNORGA

There are fresh trends for the baking trade at INTERNORGA 2023! Inspiration in every hall: from snacks, coffee specialities and coffee machines to shop fitting and furnishings, everything for bakeries and confectioners is there.

Short interview with Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt

We asked master confectioner, author, lecturer, and well-known TV judge Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt where the challenges currently lie for the bakery and confectionery trade and what trends are occupying the industry.

Discover the opportunities in the baking business with the new hall structure

The baking industry has always been part of INTERNORGA. In their new home hall A3, the baking trade will now be in direct proximity to industry-related subject areas. Room for synergies, potentials and much more!

Sweet trends - creativity meets cakes and pastries

Creativity is part of the confectionery trade. It also requires excellent ingredients, craftsmanship and special recipes. Then the most delicious cakes, cookies and creamy tarts are created. Here you can find confectionery trends that are popular now.

Right up front - Presentation of goods and advice

Bakeries and confectioneries were popular even in the crisis months. Variety of baked goods and snacks excite consumers. Moreover, advice is expressly desired.

Fresh from the bakery - current trends

Bread, rolls, pretzels? Vegetarian or vegan? What are the latest trends in bakeries? A brief overview of the current trends in the bakery industry.

Small snacks with big appeal: opportunities for bakers

The snack market is booming because snacks on the go are increasingly replacing sit-down lunches. Businesses can benefit from the snack trend by introducing fresh-baked ideas and extending their product range.

The bakery transformation: shop design trends

What are the hottest trends in bakery shop design? How can you create a fresh look, showcase products most effectively and boost sales? INTERNORGA has the answers.

The future is sweet: bakery highlights at INTERNORGA

Bakers and confectioners can look forward to a varied fringe programme at INTERNORGA, covering all kinds of topics from coffee to snacks. And the exhibitors have plenty of inspirational ideas for the future bakery trade.

Lunchtime business opportunities: BÄKO Roundtable

The bakery out-of-home market has grown exponentially. So what’s next? What challenges can the sector expect to face? These were the issues discussed by the roundtable experts ahead of INTERNORGA.